Morning routines, existential crises and a good scientific phenomenon.

About a year ago, I read Amy Landino’s Good Morning, Good Life and started a morning routine. I try to get up an hour earlier before everybody else in the house, use the time to pray, plan and do some writing. Get ahead of my day.

The temptation, especially when there’s no school run, is to wake up with everybody else. After all, I survived many years doing just that. This is a bad idea. Particularly when everyone’s in the house all day. I felt pretty grumpy this week. (Although during lockdown, with or without my routine, I tend to have a minor existential crisis every second Wednesday.)

But in the middle of a dog walk in the drizzle and near-dark, I remembered we’re half-way through January and the daffodils will be out next month. And as if that wasn’t enough to lift the spirits, as I came out of the park, I saw this at the end of the street…

I’m pushing through with my short story. It’s looking like something I’ll be pleased with in the end. And the things I’ve discovered about my characters, will add extra texture to my novels. I’m hoping to finish a second draft today and have it ready to be checked by my beta-readers by the end of this week.

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