After the snow

Goodness! Is it that long since I wrote a post? Admittedly, it was March, but my last post featured the snow. Now I’m worried about finding water bottles and sun lotion.

So why have I been doing a Greta Garbo? Do I have any reasonable excuses?

April was the CampNanowrimo challenge. This time, egged on by Rachel my critique partner, I put 30 hours of editing into my second novel. That doesn’t sound very much, but I was meticulous — deep work counted — staring out of the window thinking about writing didn’t. And there were Easter Holidays to navigate and articles to finish at the same time. Convert the hours into minutes (30 x 60 = 1800) and it sounds a lot better.

I cut 20,000 words, so the novel is almost novella at the moment. I’m happy with the characters and plot. I now need to work on my setting — make sure I imagine it properly and not leave a white backdrop. As I do that, I’m beginning to see the book take shape and look a little more like I want it to do.

I’ve called the new novel Exile. I have days I like what I’ve written and days I don’t, but I’m always pleased with that title.




2 Thoughts

  1. 30 hours of editing is a great achievement, especially with the Easter hols in there. I never get anything much done during the holidays it seems. I’m a big fan of deep work – just need more uninterrupted time!


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