State of Chaos part 2

It’s been a week since I posted, but I have some good excuses, if it being the last week before half term wasn’t enough. There have been meetings, electricians, calls to the bank and diagnoses. Good news: we now know formally my son has dyslexia after years of everyone trying to work out what was wrong. It turns out, the bad news  wasn’t that we couldn’t get through to IKEA to organise our kitchen. It’s that we need our whole house re-wired to see what we’re doing when we cook! We had to send our builder away for a time, and he’s the one who kept things tidy. So things don’t look as good as this any more.20160128_132943

Interestingly, having cried down the phone to IKEA over a couple of weeks’ delay, I coped beautifully with the idea we could be operating in half a kitchen for some time. I’d forgotten I love a crisis. Besides, it’ll be a great excuse to stay with my friend next week.

But it has meant I’ve had very little time for writing.

There you are. I told you this one would be full of excuses.


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